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Areas of intervention

Areas of intervention

As we know, Romania has a diversified and balanced tourism potential distribution, favored in terms of the natural, cultural and historical but a little exploited. Although all eight regions of the country, have a significant potential for tourism development, there are differences from one region to another in the exploitation of natural resources at their disposal. Differences are determined on the one hand the lack of infrastructure (roads, structures unmaintained hotel, offering leisure and animation) and secondly the lack of specialized human resources.

The choice of regions in the project was based on the initial assessment made in preparation of the project proposal and environmental assessment report of the project implementation, taking into account a number of relevant issues at the regional level and studies, research, analyzes in the field of tourism and related services currently accompanying tourist offers in these regions development. Thus, our project will focus its actions and measures three regions, as follows:

- Bucharest – ilfov region
- South Muntenia region
- North Est region

In November 2010 - February 2011, our experts have performed in each of the three selected regions, an analysis of entrepreneurial opportunities in order to define the most efficient and effective tools for sustainable tourism development. Through this analysis, we wanted to identify the conditions required to enhance the sustainable development of these regions, through the implementation of appropriate governance tools and to create positive spin-offs in the region in terms of initiating new business and more attractive to both visitors and permanent residents.

In addition, the documentation and interpretation of data at regional level, our experts have initiated a wide range of meetings and workshops attended by representatives of relevant stakeholders and decision makers in tourism and in which we were able to discuss the strengths and weaknesses identified in each region and the development directions required. Based on the analysis undertaken, were defined the next steps in the project, namely the locations for the establishment of two Regional Resource Center in Tourism and profile and the type of services to be offered within them.
North East Region

The region covers the north-east of the country and, according to tradition, a part of the historical region of Moldavia old and has 6 counties: Bacau, Botosani, Neamt, Iasi, Suceava ...»

South Region

South Region is located in southern Romania, north of the southern borders of Romania and Bulgaria, covering an area of 34,453 km ˛ and is divided into seven districts, namely Arges, Dâmboviţa, Prahova county; Calarasi, Giurgiu and Virginia. The region has an excellent tourism potential ...»

Bucharest-Ilfov Region

Bucharest-Ilfov region includes the city of Bucharest and the surrounding Ilfov county. The region is located in the south-eastern Romania and holds great potential for tourism development, the ability of the urban center of Bucharest attraction is enriched by cultural and environmental values of ...»


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