Bucharest-Ilfov Region

Bucharest-Ilfov Region

Bucharest-Ilfov region includes the city of Bucharest and the surrounding Ilfov county. The region is located in the south-eastern Romania and holds great potential for tourism development, the ability of the urban center of Bucharest attraction is enriched by cultural and environmental values of the area and the places around the city, including rural areas. This combination of urban resources, business, cultural and environmental good basis for the tourism development in the region. However, it requires an integrated and coherent strategy for the recovery of the current gap in the tourism sector development.

According to the analysis, there is a good potential for tourism development, taking into account the following factors:

Air access good compared to other European capitals
Accommodation facilities best in terms of quality (especially in Bucharest)
Attractions vast and varied Many travel agencies (almost 30% of all in Romania).

These strengths should be considered within a framework showing significant weaknesses such as poor marketing strategy for businesses in tourism, insufficient tourism infrastructure development and low cooperation between tour operators to create integrated offer. Present context also shows many opportunities that could be exploited further by valuing tourism activities, such as:

Solid possibilities of increased employment through tourism development
Increasing interest to occupy an important place in the overall level of GDP
Increasing investment from Romanian businessmen.

Regarding tourism products suitable for development of the region, it is essential to focus on:
Cultural tourism - the city of Bucharest has a major cultural offer that could be exploited better by making monuments, museums, art exhibitions, etc..
Tourism MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions) - the city also offers various entertainment events, combined with the fact that it is the center of business in Romania, make the city ideal to develop MICE related services.Another possible factor for the development of Romanian tourism is the exhibition center in Bucharest to be improved in terms of facilities and quality of hosted events;
Recreational activities for residents and visitors MICE - the capital region offers great potential for tourism development due to the combination of monasteries, historic buildings, forests, lakes and untouched rural areas that characterize the landscape.

In our project through training and consultancy services for the creation of new businesses or the expansion and improvement of existing ones to be provided by the Tourism Regional Resource Center will support the development of regional tourism and will help create new jobs employment in this sector By developing these tourist areas, South Muntenia region's residents would benefit from an increase in jobs in the area, given that these areas would require the development of local entrepreneurship.

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