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North East Region

North East Region

The region covers the north-east of the country and, according to tradition, a part of the historical region of Moldavia old and has 6 counties: Bacau, Botosani, Neamt, Iasi, Suceava and Vaslui. With a total area of ​​36,850 square kilometers and a population of 3,734,546 inhabitants, the Northeast is the largest of the eight development regions in Romania and has a rich historical, cultural and spiritual. North-East is an area rich in historical monuments and artifacts of national and international art, with the highest number of museums and public collections in the country.

Moreover, the region offers a rich and varied calendar of events of local folklore and local traditions. Also, the region has high quality natural resources, many mineral springs and health facilities and medical treatment while the large number of protected areas (parks and nature reserves) make it ideal for the development of nature-based tourism products.

However, the Northeast region has identified a number of barriers to the development of tourism products. Among them, the most significant are the lack of cooperation between tourism businesses, the weak involvement of the public sector with travel agencies for information and marketing tourism products both locally and regionally. In addition, the region suffers from poor marketing and management activities and ad-hoc nature, conducted the business individually and not as an organization responsible for promoting and selling tourism offer in the region. Another weakness is the low level of cooperation between tour operators, airlines and travel agencies, the consequence of the lack of all-inclusive packages.

All these problems could be addressed through support to SMEs by providing training and adequate support for developing management teams and employees are capable and improving range of tourism related services that the market economy can provide. It is crucial collaboration between the private sector and public institutions in order to create public-private partnership to develop policies and procedures for cooperation and training activities in order to create sustainable tourism practices in this sector.

Regarding product development, according to the study, the northeastern region has a great potential for marketing the following products:

Cultural tourism - the region boasts some of the most important historical monuments of national and international importance, whilst having the highest number of museums and public collections could be a great opportunity to increase the flow of tourists to national and international

tourism and health resort - there are some important mineral springs and a good presence of climatic resorts quantitatively and qualitatively adequate for development of tourism products and health resort

Eco-tourism - the region has a large number of protected areas (parks and reserves) that could be valued by creating Eco-tourism.

The development of tourism products could be supported by investment in the business sector that could provide excellent opportunities to create new jobs to support the tourism industry.

In our project through training and consultancy services for the creation of new businesses or the expansion and improvement of existing ones to be provided by the Tourism Regional Resource Center will support the development of regional tourism and will help create new jobs employment in this sector.

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