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Presentation of the Project

Presentation of the Project

Entrepreneurship and Tourism - these are two of the key elements that define the development trends of the Romanian economy in the coming years, according to all analyzes and forecasts made at national and international level. And why would not they? It is well known that Romania has a diversified and balanced tourism potential distribution in all eight regions, favored from the point of view of the natural, cultural and historical. But is this enough? We can only rely on what nature gives us? The answer is NO! ... we can not expect this sector to grow and thus benefit if we do not invest in human resources or services in tourism packages. Our project, the activities defined, combines these two elements, giving you the opportunity to develop your skills, increase the competitiveness of your business or deveniAntreprenor in Tourism.

Our project aims at achieving a wide range of activities aimed at the creation and development of entrepreneurship in tourism, materialized in certified training programs, consulting services and support for business competitiveness in tourism and consulting services and guidance to establish and operate a tourist business (of employment or SME). Through these integrated packages of measures, we support workers, the people who own a business or want to start their own business in this field, improving their skills and competencies in entrepreneurship. Indirect result of the project is to create new jobs in the tourism sector for people in the North East, South Muntenia and Bucharest-Ilfov.

To this end, we have undertaken the project from November 2010 - May 2011 activities analyzing entrepreneurial opportunities to identify specific types of travel services with development potential of the regions concerned. Based on these activities our experts have identified and analyzed the training needs in the field of target group and have structured and implemented action plans that led to the opening of two Regional Resource Center in Tourism centers in which services will be provided training, consulting and coaching business. In addition to these training packages and consultancy, our project contributes to promoting entrepreneurship and tourism development in three regions by sustained activity and information dissemination among the general public about the opportunities that exist within such programs with European funding.

During the 36 months of implementation, about 600 people who work in tourism or who want to start a business in this sector will benefit from one or more of the services provided by the project, thus contributing to the improvement of the human resource three regions. To this end, the project will provide two regional communities in tourism regional resource centers will provide integrated travel services (consulting, training and mentoring in business).

For detailed information on specific project activities, progress of the implementation process and how you can benefit from training in the project, please visit our website pages.

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