BOLT International Consulting

BOLT International Consulting

BOLT International Consulting is a Hellenic company providing consultancy by using the extended experience of its partners in designing, planning, managing and implementing large scale projects and national programs at national and international level.

Our company provides innovative solutions aiming to achieve sustainable and high quality outputs. We provide a guarantee that sustainable development represents a built-in component of the planning and implementation strategies, of the entire decision-making process and of practice undertaken at all levels, thus maximizing our contribution to the welfare of the final recipients of our projects from the social, economic and environmental point of view.

Services provided:

Social-economic development
Bolt provides technical and social-economic consultancy aimed at change at society level with the purpose of improving quality of life for individuals targeted by our interventions. Our projects support and sustain social-economic development and reform, proper governance and the rule of law. Specifically, our interventions are focused on fighting social exclusion, our purpose being to maximize social-economic inclusion for vulnerable groups by increasing their participation in employment, education and provision of improved social-economic services.

Institutional capacity building
Bolt provides services aimed at institutional capacity building, supporting modernization and reforms of public administration systems, at national, regional and local level. Our purpose is to improve the services provided by the public sector towards citizens, with a direct outcome represented by an increase of their quality of life. Furthermore, our purpose is to make easier and support reforms aimed at matching structural and legal requirements of the European Union.

Project management and implementation
The partners of Bolt International Consulting have an extended experience in providing management services aimed directly at designing and implementing projects and programs. This experience is accumulated through participating to projects implemented in over 15 countries. Our services are diversified and thorough, and they are made up of support provided within the stage of drafting the project proposal ranging up to the full implementation of services consisting in technical and financial management. Bolt may provide ongoing consultancy for project and program management by providing project managers, providing the guarantee of achieving the expected results, fulfillment of objectives and proper use of project budgets.

Assistance provided to other organizations

Among our customers one can also find organizations with sound experience in providing high-quality services in the social-economic field, most of them in Greece, which aim to expand at international level and use the accumulated experience through participation to projects financed from foreign sources. Bolt provides integrated services which include: (i) profile design, (ii) demonstrating and capitalizing their experience, (iii) identification of proper projects and programs, (iv) consultancy and fund-raising from public and private sources for projects, (v) facilitating partnerships among customers and relevant international partners, (vi) designing project proposals, and (vii) assistance to project management and implementation.

Romanian Experience

In Romania, Bolt is currently involved in the implementation of 3 strategic projects, financed from the European Social Fund, Sectoral Operational Programe Human Resources Development, with a total accumulated value of over 12 million EUR:

- FemRRom. – the overall objective of the project is to promote and support the creation of jobs for Roma women and to increase their level of employment by increasing their level of qualification and providing opportunities in the field of employment.
- INTEGRAT – Resources for women and groups risking social exclusion – Roma people – the overall objective of the project is the active promotion of an inclusive labor market through: opportunities provided by social economy, partnership development and encouraging the involvement within the community life of individuals risking social exclusion from the Bucharest Ilfov and South-East regions.
 - DURABIL – From survival to sustainability – the overall objective of the project is to increase flexibility of labor market through an increased level of representation for non-agricultural activities from the rural areas, promoting entrepreneurship and drawing in non-agricultural activities the individuals living below the subsistence threshold, involved in agriculture.

Within the CeReRe in tourism project, Bolt International Consulting shall actively involve itself and contribute to the implementation of the following activities:
- Overall management and coordination of project implementation.
- Delivery of the „Entrepreneurial Opportunities Analysis” for the three development regions targeted by the project
- Drafting and implementing an Action Plan for the establishment of the two Regional Tourism Resource Centers.
- Making operational and provision of integrated services within the Regional Tourism Resource Center covering the Bucharest-Ilfov and South-Muntenia regions.
- Drafting the Training Needs Assessment for professionals within the touristic sector working in micro-companies, small and medium enterprises - Provision of training for the existing specialists within the touristic sector - Networking and organizing study visits Contact Bolt International

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