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DIASTASI Training and Consulting Services was established in 1997 in Greece and it represents a dynamic organization operating within the field of vocational training, education and human resources, specialized for the following fields: Economy and Administration, Information Technology, Tourism and related services, Agriculture, Environment, Health, Technical and Transport-related studies, Education and Training, Culture and Sports.

DIASTASI implements training programs in all Greek regions, having centers in cities as Athens, Nafplio, Agrinio, Sparta, Chania and Kranidi, which observe the certification norms and quality standards of the company. DIASTASI operates, at the same time, as a Certification Center for Skills Development in Information Technology and Communication, operating as an ECDL examination center, and also as a center authorized by the Ministry of Development as a Training Center for Mediators in the Private Insurance sector.

Since its establishment, DIASTASI Training and Consulting Services has undertaken various activities in the field of vocational training. DIASTASI has provided over 1.8 million hours of vocational training and has implemented a series of local development programs, has had local initiatives in the field of employment and evaluation studies for educational needs. DIASTASI has a staff of 33 persons hired in management positions, experienced in the field of vocational training and they cooperate with over 210 researchers, consultants and trainers, most of them with post-university degrees.

DIASTASI has designed and implemented various activities at local level in the field of employment. The main objective of such integrated interventions is represented by local development through improvement and increase of employment in various regions facing economic and social problems and confronted with marginalized social groups. The actions are targeted towards the following aspects:
- Increase of employment in regions facing economic and social difficulties (e.g. high rate of unemployment, refugees, Roma population, immigrants).
- Improvement for those sectors where there is a high rate of unemployment.

These interventions have an integrated character and they take into consideration the regional specifics and those belonging to the target groups. These actions are answering to the 4 pillars included within the European Employment Strategy.
As it has as beneficiaries a range of companies, institutions and organizations specialized in European project, DIASTASI has implemented a large number of educational needs assessments, as:
- Assessment of international expertise in the field of social dialogue within the context of economic changes from the banking sector and transfer of best practice, financed by the European Commission.
- IDEA – Improvement and development of knowledge regarding employment in Pelopones, within the EQUAL initiative
- Removing obstacles and discrimination on the labor market for women technicians: Development of mechanisms which should support women employment in technical jobs, within the EQUAL initiative.
- Organization and start-up of a social enterprise established by a youth union, with the purpose of exploring and promoting cultural heritage within the Pelopones Region within EQUAL - “SOHO” financed from the LEONARDO DA VINCI Program.

Within the CeReRe în turism project, DIASTASI shall actively involve itself and shall contribute to the implementation of the following activities: - implementation and overall coordination of the project - delivery of Entrepreneurial Opportunities Analysis within the targeted regions - Establishment and operation of the Regional Tourism Resources Centers (CRRT) - Assessing project training needs - Drafting training programmes and materials for the four target groups of the project (entrepreneurs, managers, employees, and individuals wishing to start-up their own business)

DIASTASI Training & Consulting Services
G. Kranidioti st, 1, Kranidi, 213 00 Greece
Phone: +30 27540 23357-8
Fax: +30 27540 23359
For further information, please visit us at: www.kekdiastasi.edu.gr

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