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Project activities

Project activities

Cerere in turism project is conceived as a multilateral intervention promoting entrepreneurship by supporting creativity and innovation, enhancing the capacity of current and potential tourism industry professionals through training, entrepreneurial and managerial skills required, and ultimately contribute to improving the economic situation for a significant number of people. Our project is an integrated intervention implemented in four fields of action, designed to support the achievement of specific objectives cumulative and provide added value to national development strategy tursimului. Measures and activities defined in the project are focused on four areas of intervention as follows:

- Establishment and operation of two Regional Resource Centre in Tourism (CRRT) in Iasi and Bucharest
- Providing training for: existing tourism entrepreneurs, employees and prospective entrepreneurs in tourism
- Provide integrated services to support the creation of new business and self-employment in the tourism sector in the regions concerned.
- Concrete actions to promote and raise awareness regarding entrepreneurship Project activities

A.1. Analysis on entrepreneurial opportunities in the sustainable tourism sector.

A.2. Training needs analysis for the tourism professionals of micro, small and medium tourism enterprises and design of the training programmes and curricula.

A.3 Design and implementation of an action plan for the establishment of the two regional tourism resource centers (RTRCs) that will develop and promote entrepreneurship culture and will implement integrated packages of measure with this objective.

A.4 Upgrading skills for employees of tourism micro-enterprises and tourism SMEs.

A.5 Provision of training to existing tourism entrepreneurs assisting them to identify the necessary competences aimed at their competitive growth.

A.6. Provision of training for prospective entrepreneurs in the tourism sector.

A.7. Exchange and transfer of best practice, networking and organization of study visits.

A.8. Operation of the two regional tourism resource centers and provision of integrated services in support of business start-up and self-employment, entrepreneurial tutorship to junior companies and upgrade of skills to existing tourism micro, small & medium enterprises.

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