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Our project offers you the opportunity to be informed, to be trained, get specialized or transform you from a simple employee to your own boss. By acquiring skills in entrepreneurship or improving your skills in your profession, our project primarily contributes to your personal development. The services you can benefit from by participating at the project activities are:

Information and awareness

Information, getting to know as many aspects of the profession in which you want to develop a business is the first step toward success. Therefore, we give a great importance to awareness activities for a large number of people in the entrepreneurship and tourism domain. These activities include conferences, roundtables and workshops in which you will be able to interact face to face with our experts and get informed you about types of touristic services that can be developed in your region and the latest developments in entrepreneurship . During these meetings you'll get to know success stories from countries with experience in the entrepreneurship and tourism domain and you can learn from people who have managed to develop successful business.

Certified training services

Training is provided by professionals in the field, trainers with over 15 years experience in training in the field of tourism and the development of entrepreneurial skills. Training sessions will be provided for groups up to 28 people and will be completed, depending on the type of course, with a participation diploma or a certificate of professional competence. Training areas were identified through an analysis of the training needs conducted by our experts, at an early stage of the project based on entrepreneurial opportunities in the tourism sector, identified for each of the three regions. The training clases will cover various areas such as: bed and breakfast administrator, travel agent - guide, entrepreneur and quality auditor, hotel manager, restaurant / brasserie manager, manager in tourism activity, entrepreneur. All training courses are accredited as required by law and are free of charge.

Consultancy and guidance for the establishment and development of business in tourism

These services are organized in the two Regional Resource Centre in Tourism and consist in identifying the best solutions for shaping ideas in tourism business. Our experts with extensive legal and economic experience in business management are at your disposal to advise and assist you in the process of getting a business started, from just an idea to getting started.
For more information on any of the three types of services provided thrugh our project and how to subscribe send an email to: office@aevb.ro

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